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Rukhailah    روخیله
Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
Rukhsaanah    رخسانه
(Persian) Name of a girl.
Rumaithah    رمیثه
Name of a Sahabiyah(RA).
Rummanah    رمانه
A pomegranate.
Ruqayyah    رقیه
Name of the daughter of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).
Rushd    رشد
To be on the right way, not to go astray, to be a true believer, to be or more become mature or sensible
Ruwaifi    رویفع
Name of distinguished Sahabi (RA).

81-87 of 87


can anyone tell me how we write irsa in urdu..........please give me details.......

dear you can write with start of alf, ray seen alf and humza at the end

can some one tell me the correct meaning of Ayaz

My name is Arshee......i want to know its meaning..............i had searched everywhere but i haven't find anything name was kept reason being my sibling name is Arshad n my parents wanted our names to rhythm...........but i m in trusted to know d true meaning of my name.....plz hep me out...........thx in anticipation............bye tc Allaha hafiz

its means to state / narater or describer

salamalay-kum can any body tell me the meaning of my name
Mohammed Arhaan

Please tell me the exact meaning of zayan in muslim name

some one give the meaning of amaan ahemmed

meaning of "SHELLIZA" anyoune??

my name is john paul from abidjan cote d ivoire west africa