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Zhareef    ظریف
(Zareef), Polite, witty, good-tempered ingenious, good.
Zhareefah    ظریفه
(Zareefah) Polite, witty, ingenious, good.
Zhill    ظل
(Zill), Shadow, shade, protection.
Zhuhoor    ظھور
(Zuhoor), Appearing, arising, visibility.
Zia    ضیاء
(Diyaa) Light,
Zinneerah    زنیرہ
Name of a Sahabiyyah (RA).
Ziyaad    زیاد
spender, brilliance. Graceful, distinguished, elegant. Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Zubaidah    زبیدہ
Name of the wife of the Caliph Haroon-ur-Rasheed.
Zubair    زبیر
A brave and wise person,Name of a famous Sahabi who was of the ‘Ashara-i-Mubashsharah.
Zubairaa    زبیرہ
Diminutive of Zahraa’. spirit, courage, power,freshness, flower.
Zubdah    زبدة
Zufar    زفر
Lion, a brave person, an army, a flowing river,, Name of a great Imaam and jurist.
Zuhaa    ضحیٰ
(Duhaa) Forenoon. Name, Shamsu-Zuhaa.Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Zuhrah    ذھرة
The planet Venus, beauty, virtue, elegance, splendor.
Zulaikhaa    زلیخا
Name of the famous woman in the days of Hazrat Yousuf ( peace be upon him), a prophet of Almighty Allah.
Zulfaqaar    ذوالفقار
(Dhulfaqar) Name of a celebrated sword which fell into the hand of Rasoolullah sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam in the Battle of Badr and which was presented to Ali( Note, It is incorrect to Say Fiqaar with kasrah).
Zulkifl    ذوالکفل
(Dhulkifl) Name of a prophet of Allah.
Zunnoon    ذوالنون
(Dhunnoon) The title of Hazrat Yoonus (Peace be upon him) meaning The Man of the whale,
Zushshimalain    ذوالشمالین
(Dhushimalin) Name of a Sahabi (RA)

41-59 of 59


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