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Dhakiyah    ذاکیه
A lady with keen perception and a sharp mind, an intellgent lady.
Dhakiyyah    ذکیه
A lady with a sharp mind and keen perception, intelligent.
Dheeshaan    ذیشان
(Zeeshaan) Graceful, distinguished, elegant.
Dhukaa    ذُکاء
The sun, dawn, morning, suitable combination: Zukaa’ uddeen.
Dhulfaqaar    ذوالفقار
(Zulfaqar) Name of a celebrated sword which fell into the hand of Rasoolullah (sallallaahualayhi wasallam) in the Battle of Badr and which was presented to Ali (RA). Note: It is incorrect to Say Fiqaar (with kasrah).
Dhulkifl    ذوالکفل
(Zulkitl) Name of a prophet of Allah.
Dhunnoon    ذوالنّون
(Zunnoon) The title of Hazrat Yoonus (Peace be upon him) meaning The Man of the whale.
Dhushshimalain    ذوالشمالین
(Zuthimalin) Name of a Sahabi (RA).
Dihyah    دحیه
Name of shahbi
Dilawar    دلاور
(Persain) Courageous, brave, audacious.
Dildar    دلدار
(Persian) Possessing, or delighting the heart, charming, beloved, sweetheart.
Diyaa    ضیاء
(Ziyaa) Light, spender, brilliance.
Dmaurah    ضمرہ
(Zamurah) Name of Sahabi who participated in the hattle of Badr.
Douha    ضحیٰ
(Zuhaa) Forenoon, Name: Shamsu-Zuhaa.
Dubaah    ضباعه
(Zuba’ah) Name of a Sahabiyah. Daughter of uncle of the Holy prophet (peace he upon him)
Dujanah    دجانه
Name of a woman.
Durdaanah    دردانه
A pearl, Name of woman.
Durrah    دُرّہ
A large or precious pearl, name of a Sahaabi (RA).

21-38 of 38


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