how do we write Ashaz in arabic

31 Jul 2005

Assalam alikum, can anyone tell me how we write the name ASHAZ in arabic


Plz tell me how we write ASHAZ in ARABIC

assalam, can some one advice me if we can add UDDIN to ASHAZ.

As per contemporary studies, Arabic composition is a part of the Semitic in order scripts in which fundamentally the consonants are spoken to. Arabic script was produced in a relatively short compass of time. Arabic turned into a habitually utilized letter set -and, today, it is second being used just to the Roman letters in order.
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I am looking for the same answer, did you find any luck, please let me know and also the meaning. One meaning i found was " one in million" i don't know if its true. SHAZ is a word of Arabic which means "Different".

PLease let me know , if you have the answer. 


im looking for the proper meaning of this name ASHAZ and how to write in urdu plz let me know thankx